Yiwu International Trade City Bingqiang trade since 1990 the old market operation, has been a lot of domestic and foreign customers praise and trust, domestic and foreign orders followed, long-term cooperation with us. Our goods are cheap and good, and we have got 5-star credit units in the market. We are also rated as “Yiwu Index” information gathering unit by the Fujian People’s Government. Factory direct sales products: Qingdao needle industry, Dandong Needle Industry, Dongfeng Needle Industry Direct Sales Office; Butterfly Card, Flying Tiger, organ machine needle and other specifications; Golden Eagle, Roaring Lion, Xingshi Card Button; God Goose, Phoenix, Butterfly Card Pins; Sewing accessories, various box needles, sewing boxes, yarn scissors, thousand pieces, hair clips, special-shaped needles, pins, thimbles, crochets, Pearl needles, blind needles, needle guides, wine opening (customizable) , ear gouging, tweezers, wrapping needles, elastic belts, machine oil, shuttle shells, shuttle cores, bamboo rulers, tape rulers, etc.