Danmei cosmetics co., ltd. is a company founded in 2017 by a group of modern young people.The company’s brand: 3Q beauty, adhering to the spirit of “freedom, creativity and art”, has been striving to adhere to and advocate the brand concept of “new art makeup”.It has the courage to pursue the true art of life, tries to break the bondage of traditional art and aesthetic concept, and creates a new but not equivalent to the modern popular popular art style by absorbing the essence of different art fields, so as to achieve the perfect cross-border integration of pure art and practical art of color makeup.3Q beauty, a constantly changing new art makeup, it depicts the beauty of your life!Full of love for life and art, 3Q beauty seeks a deep concern for life and the heart. It represents a mainstream personality zeitgeist and the attitude of women in this era.With excellent quality as the standard, with the pursuit of perfect makeup effect, the research and development of the production of the most cost-effective quality cosmetics products, with its kind price and excellent quality, to help the intellectual pursuit of the charm of women to achieve confidence charm life