Since its establishment in 2000, Yiwu Xinrui Hardware Ltd. (formerly Yiwu Yate Hardware) has won the unanimous praise of new and old customers and has continuously expanded its foreign trade business with its principle of “customer first, honesty-based”. The well-trained team of foreign trade staff has strong modern office equipment and communication support methods with multiple functions.Yiwu Xinrui Hardware Ltd. is specialized in the import and export trade of hardware tools, paint brushes, putty knives, brick trowels, trowels, cable ties, utility knives, tapes, line cards, etc.The company abides by the contract, pays attention to the credibility, and has developed close cooperative relations with hundreds of domestic production companies, forming a solid supply base. Internationally, it has established trade relations with hundreds of customers in more than 60 countries and regions on five continents. The export commodities are various, the specifications are complete, the quality is outstanding, and new products are continuously exported. In addition to general trade, compensation trade is also widely carried out. , barter trade, incoming assembly, drawings and samples processing, cooperative production, joint ventures, joint bidding, providing technical services and other services. In accordance with the principle of equality and mutual benefit, the company continues to expand various trading businesses, with high-quality products, reasonable prices, high-speed efficiency, and strive to meet the various requirements of customers, and dedicated to the warm service of many friends. We sincerely hope to promote the development of relations with friends from all over the world and from trade circles in various regions. Yiwu Xinrui Ltd. is located in Yiwu, the world’s largest small commodity distribution center. It can find the most competitive products of the same kind in the market, and provide you with high-quality group cargo consolidation service. Buy the best products at the best price.Our consistent service tenet. Company service project: Purchasing – professional procurement personnel purchase or accompany purchase on your behalf, saving you time and cost; booking – the company has signed agreements with several large shipping companies to save you on the premise of ensuring service quality Transportation costs; warehousing – provide good warehouse services, special personnel are responsible for assisting in receiving goods, taking care of; loading cabinets, documents, customs declaration – professional loading staff for your cabinet, making invoices for goods list and various certificates, and in the goods You will be notified to prepare for customs clearance before you arrive in Hong Kong. “Customer first, integrity first” is the service loyalty that the company has always adhered to. With the popularization of the network, combined with the development of foreign trade in network marketing, relying on the small commodity market of Yiwu, which has the reputation of “the sea of shoppers”, it further promotes the docking of resources between the network foreign trade and the product market.Yiwu Xinrui Hardware Ltd. seized the opportunity to maximize the development space of network foreign trade and promote enterprise transformation and upgrading.