Our story began in 2017. Back then a group of engineer who are also great fan of Kobe Bryant came to have a same massage gun their hero idol was using. And it really opened their mind that muscle pain and soreness can be relieved so easily. They wanted to share with more people. But the high cost, not so silent sound, the big size all made it less popular.They decided to work out their own massage gun with same therapy effects but with more affordable cost for everyone, at the same time, it should be more light and portable for the young, should be more quiet and easy functional for the old.The release of this product in 2018 signaled the birth of Molaxzo(Meresoy). It is powerful yet quiet(<45DB).Ever since then, Molaxzo(Meresoy) has been helping hundred and thousands of people to get their own massge gun, to get on-hand and on-the-go easy percussion massage almost anywhere and anytime, throught our distributors. If you also have the same willing and ambition with us, welcome to contact us and talk with us for more!