Yongkang Tengrun Electronics Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in making and wholesaling hydroponics and leisure products. Established in 2008, we have exported our products to about 20 countries around the world. Our main products include hydroponics supplies, gardening tools, and greenhouse lighting, such as garden lamps, HID bulbs, ballasts, high compact fluorescent lamps, reflectors, sockets and plugs, greenhouses, light movers, ceramic bases, and other accessories. Our technically trained staff is composed of active and passionate gardeners and can show you how easy and effective indoor and outdoor year-round gardening can be! Hydroponics is a method of gardening that will result in higher yields, faster growth and better results. With the use of Metal Halide or High-Pressure Sodium grow lights one can set up a grow room to produce fruits and vegetables all year around. Combined with our export partner companies, our products now appear in many countries across the globe. Our brand is more recognized everywhere as our products are welcome more and more because of our hardworking team and the improved technology today. The attention to details together with our professional experience allows us to be proud of our success. Hence, we promise to our customers, at present and in the future, that we will continue to work harder to meet your standards and expectations. We care about our reputation and understand how important it is for a product to be right before it gets to our customer’s hand.