Since 1990, we have begun to produce and provide various playground net ropes and fasteners, and hand-made swings, hammocks, crawling nets, and sports nets, which can meet any requirements for rope products in playgrounds, adventures and actions.Customizable: We have advanced equipment, mature production technology, combination rope, bird’s nest swing, hammock, etc. can be customized. And comply with EN 1176, for example, combined rope, according to different rope diameter, inner core material, steel wire cross section, rope color, weaving method, etc., we can easily customize production according to customer requirements.Professionalism: The outer strands are covered with polypropylene fibers made of UV-resistant materials to ensure maximum wear resistance and color fastness. Our products have a very high level of verticality and anti-scattering performance, which can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of installation and production.Our steel wire complies with EN 10264, covered steel strand: nylon braid or polyester braid, galvanized steel and maximum UV-resistant yarn, tensile strength: 1770N/mm2