FAREAD is the leading provider of RFID solutions connected with IoT which improves identification and management efficiency in automation, automotive assembly, industry 4.0, warehouse and asset tracking, medical equipment and healthcare, access control, animal id and food safety, and many other industries.FAREAD takes improving managing level, working efficiency and security as its mission,devoting to applying RFID technology in all industries. Our products range from RFID tags, RFID readers,Antenna and the application system integration that covers all frequency band in passive RFID from LF 125kHz and 134.2kHz, HF 13.56MHz and NFC to UHF 860MHz-960MHz. Now, our products are widely applied to Library, Anti-counterfeiting, staff management, transportation, production control, warehousing, logistics, industry 4.0 automation, automotive assembly and other industries and fields.Our VisionThe most outstanding and most valuable RFID application and service enterprise in RFID fieldSupply safe and reliable tracing product and information, provide security and convenience RFID brings worldwideSmart RFID Smart Life