The company was established in March 2008, the main sofa fabric, is the new medical masks, medical protective clothing, civil mask wholesale, production, sales;Import and export of goods.The company is located in the industrial park of tudian town, tongxiang city, zhejiang province, no. 8 tianshun road, close to 320 national highway, huhang expressway, from Shanghai, hangzhou, shaoxing, suzhou each more than an hour’s drive.The company adhering to the “people-oriented, quality-oriented” concept of development, advocating “integrity and respect” of the enterprise feelings;Adhere to the “quality to build the future, details determine success or failure” for the quality policy;With “sincere service to win the market, to high-quality quality to seek development” marketing ideas;Overall, by scientific outlook on development to strive for industry leaders, leading technology, leading product development goals, the company with confidence, carry forward the “integrity, integrity, pragmatic, innovative” spirit of enterprise and “the pursuit of excellence, return society” corporate purposes, with excellent products, reliable quality, first-class services to provide more and better quality products to our customers.The main products of the company are suede, super soft short plush, burnt-out plush and other functional fabric composite and suede printing, bronzing, PU composite, super soft short plush burnt-out, ginning, wrinkled composite TC cloth and other deep processing fabrics;Especially with printing, bronzing, embossing, burnt-out, composite, washing as the main characteristics, the process is mature and stable, reliable quality.The company strictly quality control, as the lifeline of the enterprise, from raw material procurement to the production of finished products of surface accessories, quality inspection and other links have strict control.For every process, every link we have to ensure excellence.The company has PTEE, TPU film hot melt adhesive composite, flame composite, glue composite 5 production lines, using the most cutting-edge composite technology, breathable film composite, sponge composite, glue composite, daily composite capacity of 30000 meters.After the composite products feel soft, high peel strength, washable, environmental protection and other advantages.The company’s products are positioned as high-grade, cost-effective, trusted and loved by customers at home and abroad, the products are sold at home and abroad.Sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to cooperate with us for common development!