Zhejiang Jufu packing Co., Ltd. was established in 2013. It is located on the 101, Building 37, Rainbow Wisdom Park, Longgang City, Zhejiang province. It has multiple GTO and automatic self-adhesive printing machines from Germany . The company has the most HP digital printing machine, high-speed die-cutting machine, now the factory is fully equipped with workshop, printing plate, computer plate making, knife die, slitting, etc.Professional printing: color pages, brochures, envelopes, forms, various self-adhesive labels, computer printing paper, hot stamping, fragile labels, laser anti-counterfeiting labels, barcodes, glue, EVA sponge pads, protective film, electrostatic film, various roll labels.The company satisfies customers’ all-round requirements with excellent quality and value-added services, respects customers, employees, society and the natural environment. We are committed to enhancing the value of our customers and pursuing professionalism. It is our consistent effort to always do professional things with a professional attitude.