Zhejiang oulun Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, is located in Hangzhou Yuhang Economic Development Zone, is a professional engaged in air dehumidification, humidification, air purification equipment research and development, design, manufacturing, sales and service of integrated enterprise. Now has a team of professional and technical personnel, research and development engineers, marketing elite, service personnel composed of innovative team, the total number of employees over 300. The company has a full set of production lines, automated production injection molding workshop, and nearly about 2000000 investment in the establishment of dehumidifier enthalpy difference laboratory. At present, the annual output of 800 thousand units, the company covers an area of 26 acres, plant 27000 square meters. In 2018, the European Union will build an area of 80 acres of modern intelligent new plant, the capacity will reach 2 million units.At present, the company has 5 invention patents, 36 technical patents. And received many honorary titles, namely:, in 2015 was named the best network dehumidifier brand, in 2015 was named the national high-tech enterprises, in 2016 was named the Hangzhou hi tech enterprise technology development center. In 2017, the industrial machine safety production license was obtained.Zhejiang OuLun electric establish and improve the integration of online and offline sales network, covering e-commerce platform, micro mall, non-standard custom and offline sales channels and other diversified business model. 2013 -2015, three consecutive years, dehumidifier industry wide network sales accounted for the first, 2015 sales growth of more than 70%.