The company was founded in 1994, and was renamed as Zhenjiang Rongfa Plastic Products Co., Ltd after reorganization in 2006. We are a specialized manufacturer of various Twist Ties and Pipe cleaners. Our various twist ties are widely used in food, gift wrap, gardening, agricultural production, household cleaning, the electronics industry and industrial strapping market. From 2003, we started producing Chenille Stem products. After years of efforts, with excellent quality and price advantage, we hold a place in the global market of DIY toys After all employees’s long-term unremitting efforts, we have been exporting our products which meet local market needs to many countries. We actively collaborate with local customers to develop products and local market. we have successfully entered global supply chain of many well-known companies as its long-term designated supplier of related products.Company’s creed: 1) Reliable products and competitive prices is the basis for our survival2)Constantly explore and develop new products is our future.3)Maintain a good reputation to gain more opportunities. In recent years, In order to expand our business scope and serve the society better, we have begun to try to get involved in other industries. We will make more efforts to develop more, newer, better products to meet different needs of customers in different regions and countries, and find a better solutions for them. Finally, we sincerely thank our customers and suppliers for your support and help.