Zhuomao (Shaanxi) Health Industry Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as: Shaanxi Zhuomao\Zhuomao Health Industry) is a trading company that wholesales and sells health care and medical products and adult products.

The company has a registered capital of 3 million yuan. The company has 9 employees, including 1 manager who has been engaged in domestic sales for many years, and 2 salesmen with rich experience in foreign trade. The company is located in Xi’an, the ancient capital of the thirteen dynasties, in the high-tech development zone.The boss of the company has used WeChat and other platforms to sell products in China for many years. Have a deep understanding of the domestic industrial chain, the scale of some enterprises, and the quality of the brand, and be able to quickly and accurately locate the supplier’s factory. Have a stable supply channel, such as Jiuai Adult Products\Yuqu Biology\Lexiaoyao Adult Products\Yanyi Technology has been cooperating for many years.We always take “integrity\professional\efficiency” as the core value to serve the public and give back to the society.

We always ask ourselves for this, and look forward to providing you with perfect products and quality services at critical times.