Lianyungang releases 20 new tax service measures

On April 3, the Lianyungang Municipal Taxation Bureau held the launch ceremony of the 33rd National Tax Publicity Month and released 20 new tax service measures focusing on the primary task of high-quality development.

According to reports, the 20 measures include four aspects: focusing on the overall situation to demonstrate tax responsibility, efficient services to optimize the business environment, tax collection and management reform to help digital transformation, and diversified governance to expand the co-governance pattern. They will comprehensively assist regional development and enterprise growth, and create a more practical and more A better and more beautiful tax and business ecological environment. Lianyungang City’s tax department will combine Lianyungang City’s geographical advantages at the intersection of “One Belt and One Road” to establish a hierarchical and classified cross-border tax service system, form a list of key cross-border tax entities in the city, and regularly update and adjust it; attach great importance to the development of free trade zones and make good use of exports Tax rebate and international tax policy tools, improve the new supervision mechanism for export tax rebate services, promote the use of new intelligent tax rebate review models; launch personalized and gradient cultivation services for specialized, special and new business entities, implement super deduction of R&D expenses, high-tech There are preferential tax policies for technology enterprises to invest in basic research and development.

A cross-border tax service team was also established at the launch ceremony to directly solve various complex tax-related problems for enterprises. “The tax department will serve the local major development strategies with a higher position, a broader vision, and more practical measures, help Lianyungang enterprises go global and bring in, help serve Lianyungang’s marine economic development, and use customized and personalized tax services to create a stable , a predictable market environment.” said Yu Huarong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Lianyungang Municipal Taxation Bureau.