Play with metal 3D printing

As the light spot moves, metal powders continue to accumulate, and bionic organ models, automobile parts, aerospace precision parts, etc. “grow” from scratch, from small to large. On April 3, the reporter came to Jiangsu Yongnian Laser Forming Technology Co., Ltd. located in Suqian Laser Industrial Park and saw such a “fantasy” scene.

“Through modeling calculations, lasers are used to deposit metal powder into shapes. Compared with manufacturing processes such as welding or CNC machine tool milling, what we do is ‘additive’, so it is called ‘additive manufacturing’.” Deputy General Manager of Yongnian Laser Company Chen Zhendong said that metal material printing has a high technical content in the field of 3D printing, and is especially suitable for thin-walled hollow structures or small-batch personalized customization, “for example, manufacturing related precision parts in the aerospace field.”

From maker toys to cultural relic models, from landmark architectural ornaments to industrial-grade high-precision parts, all kinds of metal products are “printed” in this factory by a group of people who play with technology. “Additive manufacturing technology is a 3D printing technology that builds objects layer by layer by adding materials.” Chen Zhendong pointed to the constantly running equipment and said that this technology can improve production efficiency by quickly and flexibly producing objects, and can also customize parts. It is gradually used in aerospace, automobile, industrial mold, medical, construction and other fields.

In 2012, Yongnian Laser Company was established by a research and development team led by Yan Yongnian, the first person in China’s 3D printing, a leading talent winner of the National “Ten Thousand Thousand Talents Plan”, and a former professor of Tsinghua University. It is engaged in the research and development of laser 3D metal printing technology, equipment and processes. Manufacturing, sales and technical services. The changes brought by 3D printing to the manufacturing industry are disruptive. It has achieved a major transformation from equal materials, subtractive materials to additive materials, and changed the traditional manufacturing concepts and models.

Obtained 20 national invention patent authorizations and 23 utility model patent authorizations, the provincial innovative advanced enterprise in the machinery and equipment industry, and the provincial “Specialized, Special and New” Product Award… Chasing “light” and chasing dreams, this company that plays with metal 3D printing Enterprises have never stopped adhering to technological innovation and accelerating the cultivation and expansion of new productive forces.

Last year, the “Multi-laser powder bed additive manufacturing equipment YLM-1000-B for large-scale and complex aerospace structures” produced by Yongnian Laser Company was certified as the first major equipment (set) in Jiangsu Province in 2023. It is the first “production equipment” in China. Large-scale, ultra-large scanning area” additive manufacturing SLM process equipment is mainly used in the manufacturing of key aerospace parts. The workshop staff are very proud of this. They said, “The successful research and development of this equipment provides a new ‘safe, efficient and intelligent’ platform for solving the forming of large-scale complex structural parts in the aerospace field.”

“Currently orders have been scheduled until the end of May.” When talking about the development of laser printing, Chen Zhendong is full of confidence. Their company has strong scientific research capabilities and high technical level. “We have gone from talent echelon to supply chain to exchanging experience with foreign countries. , all have very strong strength.”

On the road to new industrialization, technological innovation is fundamental and an important industrial direction for developing new productive forces and promoting high-quality development.

“New quality productivity is contemporary advanced productivity spawned by revolutionary breakthroughs in technology, innovative allocation of production factors, and in-depth industrial transformation and upgrading, and 3D printing technology undoubtedly plays a pivotal role in the formation of new quality productivity.” Chen Zhendong said, Additive manufacturing is an important engine for the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries and the cultivation and growth of emerging industries. It is of great significance to promote the high-end, intelligent and green development of manufacturing industry. “In the future, Yongnian Laser will lead industrial innovation with technological innovation to become China’s It is our responsibility to be a leading brand in 3D metal printing innovation and use scientific and technological achievements to contribute to the cultivation and development of new productive forces.”